Educational Resources & Links

We hope that you find the collection of online resources helpful! These have been collected from various posts on our Facebook Group, and organized here for quick access. At this time, there have been no guidelines or requirements set in place by the MDUSD school district. We will update this page as more resources are shared and news provided.

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Home Study Plan

Below is a link to Westwood's school-wide general plan for home-based learning. The goal of this is to provide an overview of guidelines appropriate for all grades. You will see that the majority of these recommendations do not require access to the internet or an electronic device, or to specific materials or supplies. Your child's teacher and special education support providers will be reaching out to you directly - via phone, email, and/or regular mail, to connect with you about more specific grade level or individual recommendations for learning at home. Teachers will be available to support you and your child(ren) during regular school hours/days.

At-Home Support

Xfinity - Free Internet for low-income families and access to hot spots