Drop Off & Pick Up

Please make sure you are getting children to and from school on-time and safely. 1st-5th grade students should arrive by 7:40. Instruction begins at 7:45. Pick-up is at 2:10 (1:40 on Wednesdays). There is no before or after school supervision of children unless enrolled in the on-site Daycare and/or an after-school enrichment class.

Please help avoid accidents, near-misses and the unnecessary ill-will caused by people being in a rush and/or not following the rules. EVERYONE needs to adhere to the following rules:

1. The ONLY place you should drop-off or pick-up your child(ren) is in the designated drive-through lot (aka "the kindergarten lot").

  • The bus circle may be empty when you arrive to drop-off your child, but it is still ONLY for buses. Do not drive through the bus circle, ever.
  • The staff/daycare lot is for staff and those who are dropping their children off to the daycare/preschool directly. When other cars use this driveway for drop-off or pick-up, the extra traffic creates a SERIOUS safety hazard.
  • The handicap parking spots are intended for those disabled persons who will be parking and getting out of their vehicle to enter the campus. Please recognize that when you park here (using your disabled person parking placard) and let your student out or wait for your student to come to the vehicle, you are obstructing the space for the people who need that parking spot in order to personally access the campus.

2. When entering the drive-through lot, please pull all the way forward before stopping to let your child(ren) out of or into your car. This becomes especially important now that all traffic is being directed into this lot. There is NO parking in the drive-through lot. Always remain in your vehicle so you can move forward with the flow of traffic.

3. You are always welcome to walk or bike your child to school or form a "walking bus" with neighbors. You are welcome to park your car on adjacent streets and walk your child to the classroom. Please be sure not to block our school's neighbors' driveways. Bike racks are available near the E wing.