Drop Off & Pick Up

We would like to remind everyone of our drop-off and pick-up procedures, as we continue to have serious safety concerns and access issues on a daily basis, especially in our staff parking lot.

Repeat offenders who are ignoring basic traffic/driving laws will be referred to the Concord Police Department. Please notify the school office and staff if you witness someone repeatedly violating the below procedures.

Refer to this map indicating the drop-off and pick-up pattern everyone is expected to follow.


All drivers dropping off/picking up students at school must use the lot in front of the school on West St., facing the Kindergarten playground.

DO NOT drop your child off in the Staff Parking Lot or the Bus Circle. Doing so creates a safety risk for students who need to use the bus circle for hand-to-hand drop offs.

When entering the lot:

  • Watch for pedestrians!
  • Stay to the right if you are dropping a student off
  • Pull all the way up to the front of the drop-off lane
  • Let the child off at the curb
  • Stay to the left if you are planning to park in the designated parking spaces

When exiting the lot:

  • If you are in the far right/curb lane, continue straight to the end of the lane, turn right and follow the arrows through the El Dorado lot to turn right to exit.
  • If you are in the middle or left lanes, turn left to exit.

Park in designated spaces only.

NEVER park and leave the car in the drop-off lanes. This can create significant traffic congestion, even if you plan to ‘just run in’.


(adjacent to the Multi-Use Room)

DO NOT enter/exit the staff parking lot, unless authorized to do so (i.e. handicapped parking, parking pass for Dianne Adair). We have a large staff who require full use of our parking lot throughout the day. Avoid using the lot to walk onto/off campus – you are putting yourself and your children at risk.

RESPECT THE bus circle

The turnout in front of the MUR is strictly for the use of buses and authorized vehicles transporting students with special needs who need hand-to-hand delivery.

DO NOT use the bus circle unless you have received authorized permission.

OBEY ALL TRaffic laws

DO NOT drop off in any red zone or in the middle of the street. It is against the law to do so.

use the crosswalk

Everyone (children AND adults) is expected to use the crosswalk at the front of the school when crossing the street.

Jaywalking is against the law and creates a safety risk for everyone.

Please be safe and set a good example for our students.

be a good neighbor

DO NOT park in or in front of our neighbors' driveways.

Please be respectful to our neighbors and their property.

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