Member Information

The Westwood PFC is a wonderful group of dedicated parents, teachers and staff who work together to enrich the educational experience of our students at Westwood Elementary. With the ever dwindling budgets for educational support, our involvement in raising funds for the school is more important than ever.

The Westwood PFC works to fill in the financial gaps from our district's budget cuts, along with diminishing resources, to enrich the educational experience for both our students and our amazing staff.

But that isn't the only thing we do. Volunteers work with teachers and staff to enrich the school community, including hosting school events that promote the wellbeing of our children and staff, conduct campus beautification projects to enhance our school campus and neighborhood, and establish classroom enrichment programs to provide students with the best educational experience from start to finish. The new STEM program, funded by the Westwood PFC fundraising efforts, has provided a valuable education platform to teach our students about science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.