Book Fairs

Each year, the Westwood PFC hosts two Scholastic Book Fairs in the school library.

Winter Book Fair

Bring your holiday gift list to this event, as you're sure to find something for everyone. The Book Fair is open after school each day. This event allows the PFC to earn "scholastic dollars" that are then used by our teachers and staff to purchase books for their classrooms and library.

Spring BOGO Book Fair

Don't have FOMO over this BOGO event! Buy one and get one book free! The Book Fair is open after school each day and will also be open on the evening of Open House.

The Scholastic Book Fairs helps the PFC earn scholastic dollars. These dollars are then provided to Westwood staff to purchase books and supplies for their classrooms. In 2018/19, the PFC provided $2,000 in scholastic dollars to deserving staff!

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